Please find below for reference a copy of the waiver which all guests participating in Clip ‘n Climb must complete as part of the booking process. Guests will not be able to participate in Clip ‘n Climb at High Rise Lisburn without having completed a waiver.

Download a printable copy of this waiver from the bottom of this page (for groups).

Clip ‘n Climb waiver

In signing this waiver I confirm:

  • I am aged 18 or over and wish to take part in Clip ‘n Climb at High Rise Lisburn and/or
  • I give consent for all those in my party (adults and children) to take part in Clip ‘n Climb at High Rise Lisburn – I am the parent/guardian of any under 18s in my group, or I have permission from their parents or guardians to sign on their behalf.

Please note:

  • The minimum age for Clip ‘n Climb is 4 years, with a minimum weight of 1.5 stone / 10kg.
  • The maximum weight limit of participants is 22 stone / 150kgs.
  • There is no maximum age limit, as long as the participant is in good physical health and the above risks have been acknowledged.
  • Minimum height for Vertical Drop Slide and Leap of Faith is 4ft / 120cm.

By participating in Clip ‘n Climb at High Rise you agree to the rules and conditions below and to the general terms and conditions for High Rise. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians or supervising adults to ensure that the children in their care adhere to these safety rules.

  • Due to the physical nature of Clip ‘n Climb, minor injuries like bumps, bruises and scrapes are common. By participating or allowing the children in your care to participate, you acknowledge and accept this risk.
  • By taking part, you acknowledge that you, and other climbers in your booking party, are in a fit state of health to participate and do not have a medical condition that may be triggered or aggravated by participating in activities in the climbing arena, such as a neck, back, shoulder, hip, and knee injury. If you are in any doubt about your ability to participate, we advise you to speak to a member of Clip ‘n Climb Lisburn staff.
  • We recommend that anyone who is pregnant does not take part in Clip ‘n Climb.
  • In signing this waiver you are giving consent to medical assistance in the case of an accident or medical emergency.
  • All guests participating in Clip ‘n Climb must attend the briefing session each time they visit, where they will be given a safety demonstration, be fitted with their climbing harness and be given instructions by a Clip ‘n Climb instructor. All those under the age of 14 should be accompanied by a parent / responsible adult aged 18+.

Clip ‘n Climb rules

Clip ‘n Climb is a potentially dangerous activity that can lead to serious injury if safety procedures are not followed. All participants are required to adhere to the rules outlined during the safety briefing and any additional safety information given by centre staff. These rules include but are not limited to:

  • Do not climb unless you are securely attached via the Auto Belay system.
  • Do not walk or stand on the purple warning mats or marked fall zones when a climbing wall is in use.
  • Do not ‘pull down’ on the rope whilst climbing.
  • Dress appropriately for Clip ‘n Climb which includes:
    • Remove all loose jewellery and clothing;
    • Empty pockets of loose items eg mobile phone, coins, keys;
    • Tie back long hair;
    • Only wear closed toe footwear – flip flops, sandals or ‘Croc’ style footwear are not permitted;
    • No dresses, skirts, crop tops or bulky outerwear.

Refunds will not be offered if you are unable to climb due to inappropriate clothing.

  • No running or horseplay is permitted in the climbing arena.
  • Follow all directions from Clip ‘n Climb staff.

Adult supervision

All children up to and including 13 years must have a parent/guardian, or supervising adult eg a teacher or youth group leader, present in the building at all times when using the Clip ’n Climb facility.

The child’s parent/guardian or supervising adult remains responsible for the welfare of the child at all times.

Children aged 14-17 years are permitted to climb unsupervised.  Note for school/group/party bookings the person who makes the booking is confirming that parent/guardian consent has been confirmed for all young people who are part of the booking.

Download waiver for groups

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Clip-n-Climb-waiver pdf 212 KB 01 Aug 2023