Clip ‘n Climb challenges

As well as the climbing walls, High Rise will feature two very special additional attractions – the infamous Vertical Drop Slide and the Leap of Faith – will you be brave enough!?

Special attractions

high rise challenge vertical drop slide

Vertical Drop Slide

high rise challenge leap of faith

Leap of Faith

Other challenges

Overview of the Clip 'n Climb challenges at High Rise - how many will you try out?!

high rise challenge aliens


Extra-terrestrial beings provide a super fun and solution-focused challenge, especially for 'astronauts' of all ages. The handles, inspired by the classic Galaxy computer game, provide an intergalactic challenge with exciting corner shapes. Avoid the annoying aliens and make sure you reach the friendly smiley on top. Think carefully with every step you take!

high rise challenge amazing


This is a fun challenge for young children and first time visitors to Clip 'n Climb. To add to the experience, you can even climb this wall blindfolded! The handles and footrests of this vertical maze can be grasped in various ways offering countless routes to the top. This challenge helps you to build confidence and is a good introduction to the problem-solving techniques that are needed when climbing!

high rise challenge astroball


This striking tower of stacked balls offers a unique challenge, unlike any other climbing wall, and is designed for up to three climbers. Meet your friends and other climbers on the way to the top, or challenge them to see who can reach the pinnacle first. The overhanging bulbs offer an extra challenge, and an authentic feel for what it would be like to climb out in the wild!

high rise challenge big cheese

Big Cheese

This bright and colourful climb suits both our small - and not so small - challengers. Smaller climbers can use the range of holes in the cheese. With many options, and even more colour, the 'Big Cheese' is a climb you'll come back to again and again!

high rise challenge checkerplate


Thanks to the reflections of the brightly coloured LED lights on the unique metallic surface, the iconic Checkerplate is a visually stimulating and exciting challenge offering a different experience each time thanks to the various handle options: 'palming', 'undercling' and 'pinch'. Problem-solving ability and caution required!

high rise challenge cornered


As the name suggests, this challenge is set into the corner, offering a unique and funky climb that requires you to spread your body out to fill the gaps as you make your way to the top using not just one, but two walls!

high rise challenge detonator


This wall is a little different with its half-moon domes and cool dynamite sticks to hold onto. It’s bright yellow and red and bursting with fun - one you definitely won't want to miss out on!

high rise challenge dome chimney

Dome Chimney

You’ll have a whole new level of respect for Santa after you’ve tackled this chimney! This climb requires a different technique to the others facing out into the arena rather than into the wall. Bridge your feet on holds on opposite sides of the wall, pushing down with your arms and legs to drive upwards. This challenge requires the application of opposite pressure on the walls and truly is a full body workout!

Face to Face 2

Face to Face

Challenge your mate for a race to the top in this unique and exhilarating dual climbing challenge that you can take on together! This wall is made of transparent acrylic with holds on both sides, offering many options for interactive fun. Maximise your competitive streak and keep track of your competitor's progress, or work together mirroring each other's moves.

high rise challenge jungle vines

Jungle Vines

Pull yourself up on the vine ropes to conquer this climbing ladder. This challenge requires good balance, perseverance, strong arms, steady legs and skill to hang from the wall. Vary your experience each time by choosing a different coloured route to reach the jungle canopy and - if you dare - swing on the ropes like Tarzan!

high rise challenge orbital


You'll need to think - and move - quickly to summit Orbital. Spin your way to the top of this unique, interactive challenge. Thanks to smart technologies, the hand and foot hold discs turn left and right, so you don't have much time to figure out your next step. Fast hands, precise footwork and stamina are needed to keep your balance and complete this challenge which is out of this world!

high rise challenge pixetron


This vibrant, brightly coloured wall - composed of pixels shaped in a beautiful pattern - is a real 'show stopper'. But you can't rely on computer simulation or special effects to get to the top - it's up to YOU to find the best route, grasping the round handles and choosing a colour to guide your way.

high rise challenge skyscraper


A great introduction to High Rise, Skyscraper is a stunning and brightly coloured challenge which offers an excellent first climb for younger climbers to build their skill and confidence, progressing straight up the middle as though climbing a ladder. At the same time, it offers a real challenge for fit and flexible climbers who can scale the heights using the under-cling handholds for a more difficult route.

high rise challenge spaghetti junction

Spaghetti Junction

The short ropes and curved footrests with narrow edges make Spaghetti Junction an exciting, physical challenge that requires stamina, strength and balance. There are three coloured routes which intertwine and intersect - your task is to navigate through this complicated challenge which only gets harder as you approach the top!

high rise challenge speed climb

Speed Climb

This hugely popular speed challenge appeals to your competitive side, requiring you to climb the fastest way possible….against the clock! You can climb against friends, racing to the top, or challenge yourself to beat your own personal best. Integrated LED lights – and the cheers of your friends – will reinforce the fast pace and get your blood pumping! Will you be the one to set the High Rise time to beat?

high rise challenge stairway to heaven

Stairway to Heaven

A High Rise firm favourite, you really will be reaching new heights of fun as you take the Stairway to Heaven…you’ll need careful footwork, steady balance and a cool head to take on this challenge. No hands required, instead you’ll be stepping your way up … and up … on gradually higher, wobbly poles. Careful you don’t fall off, so you can take the plunge instead as you jump from the top to make your way back down. Not challenging enough? Why don’t you try it blindfolded…..

high rise challenge steelworks


This distinctly industrial climb is a multi-sided challenge. On the back wall you must grapple your way to the top using the red bars. That may sound easy….the slippery, sloped rails ensure that’s not the case! Alternatively, you can use the sides only to shimmy up, bridging the two walls like a true Ninja Warrior!

high rise challenge time traveller

Time Traveller

Hop on board the Time Traveller – the very first interactive Clip ‘n Climb challenge which features a countdown clock and optical sensors. With eye-catching graphics inspired by the London Underground map, climbers select the speed of the countdown and have to finish before their time runs out. Mind the Gap as you race against the clock!

high rise challenge tree trunk

Tree Trunk

We all love climbing trees… but a square tree trunk? Unusual for sure! This is a beautiful recycled tree, laminated and moisture cured to maintain its good looks. Just one thrilling way to ‘top out’ on this classic challenge that we all grew up on. Make sure to shout ‘Timber!’ as you leap from the lofty heights! The perfect opportunity to show off to your family or your mates!

high rise challenge twister


An absolutely stunning and powerful visual attraction. Twister is not only a centre piece; it is a great climbing challenge, where you can peep round the corners at the other climber. This double-sided element accommodates two climbers at the same time. Holds are ‘jugs’ on one side and ‘underclings’ on the other side. Test your sense of balance and discover new ways to the top.

high rise challenge zigg zagg

Zigg ZAgg

Zigg to the left, Zagg to the right, reaching the top is a challenge, alright! Play your own game of snakes and ladders on our Zigg Zagg wall. Requiring a range of tactical skills as you progress from side to side to reach the safety of the ladders, can you weave your way to the top?

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