Elevating Your Experience: Introducing New Sensory Room Packages at High Rise Lisburn

In response to feedback from guests, we are delighted to introduce a new pre-paid package for our larger sensory room – Sensory Room 1 – at High Rise Lisburn.

Guests are now able to buy a pre-paid package of 6 Sensory Room 1 exclusive use sessions and get one session free. A pre-paid Sensory Room 1 exclusive use package at High Rise costs £125, offering a saving of £25 on purchasing individual sessions.

Commenting on the launch of the new ticket type, Employers For Childcare Chief Executive Marie Marin, commented: “We are always keen to respond to feedback from our valued guests and this is our latest way of offering additional value to our many regular sensory room guests by providing a new sensory room pre-paid package. We know guests travel from far and wide to use the sensory rooms at High Rise and we look forward to continuing to welcome families from all over Northern Ireland, who tell us they really appreciate the inclusive and accessible nature of the activities within the centre, and value the fact that it’s somewhere all families can come to ensure leisure time together, whatever their needs. The introduction of this new pre-paid package for the sensory rooms follows on from the recent launch of our soft play loyalty cards, which enables guests using our soft play – including our newly expanded toddler soft play area to get a free visit each time they collect five stamps on their loyalty card. ”

The Sensory Room pre-paid package can be purchased via our website here.

Unlocking the Benefits of a Sensory Room

Sensory rooms offer a unique and therapeutic environment designed to stimulate the senses, making them beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including children and adults with sensory processing difficulties, autism, ADHD, or those simply seeking relaxation and stress relief.

Sensory Stimulation: Our sensory room is thoughtfully equipped with various sensory tools and interactive elements, including our soothing bubble tube lighting, tactile texture tiles, and calming sounds. These features provide a safe space for sensory exploration and stimulation, which can be especially beneficial for individuals with sensory sensitivities.

Stress Reduction: The serene and immersive atmosphere of our sensory room allows visitors to unwind and decompress. Whether you’re a parent seeking a tranquil retreat or someone looking for relaxation, these sessions offer a calming escape from the stresses of daily life.

Enhanced Learning: For children with sensory processing difficulties, our sensory room can be an invaluable educational resource. It helps them develop essential sensory processing skills, fostering improvements in attention, focus, and sensory integration. Additionally, our sensory rooms are incredibly beneficial for supporting cognitive development in newborns through encouraging exploration of senses, and promoting learning through play.

Guests love the sensory rooms at High Rise! Heres what some of our guests have had to say about their experience :

“We initially hired a sensory room for our 3 year autistic son and 6 month old baby. The room and staff where fantastic and our children loved the room. It was amazing to see our son interact with the environment in a way we hadn’t seen before. He loved his time there and we will definitely be back!”

“We really enjoyed our visit to the sensory rooms. Fantastic equipment and very well thought out room. Can’t wait to come back. My 10 month old had a brilliant time and was so well regulated the rest of the day. Thank you!”

“Attended the sensory room and was delighted at the service and support provided by staff. Really enjoyed the experience and will definitely be back. Personal care facilities were excellent and over all experience was 10/10.”

Enjoy a stress-free sensory experience at High Rise, book your pre-paid package here.