More about the sensory rooms at High Rise Lisburn

Find out more about the sensory rooms at High Rise Lisburn, their features and benefits and who they are for, as well as some of the other ways in which High Rise aims to support our guests with additional needs.

Key features of Sensory Room 1:

  • Great for sensory development
  • Built in equipment to help guests develop and engage their five senses
  • Range of interactive sensory toys, wall panels and floor tiles
  • Large colour change bubble tube
  • In-built sound system to play relaxing or stimulating music
  • Projector allowing guests to choose the ‘theme’ of the room
  • Vibration panel and comfortable beanbag for relaxation
  • Blackout tent for sensory immersion

Key features of Sensory Room 2:

  • Choice of colour wash lighting
  • Ceiling sparkle cloud
  • Sensory equipment including fibre-optic strands and mood eggs
  • Comfortable and tactile seating for relaxation
  • Interactive wall panels
  • Range of sensory toys for sensory play

Rooms can be tailored to the guest's needs

Admission to the sensory rooms includes use of all the equipment providing a safe space for children and adults to engage with and explore their environment. The settings in the rooms are adjustable to empower individuals and their carers to enjoy the atmosphere most appropriate for them.  Users can tailor the room to suit their needs – whether that is continuing with a programme prescribed by a health professional, or simply allowing the individual’s visual and physical senses to be stimulated.

Who are the sensory rooms for?

The sensory rooms at High Rise are available (subject to bookings) to any guest who wishes to use them. They are great for supporting with sensory development and have been specially designed to support our guests with additional needs, but may be beneficial to:

  • Anyone with a sensory processing disorder
  • Children or adults with autism or who are on the autistic spectrum
  • Adults with additional needs or learning disabilities
  • Babies and their parents or carers
  • Those with brain injuries or recovering from accidents
  • Anyone experiencing sensory overload

Benefits of the sensory rooms

The benefits of using the sensory rooms at High Rise can include:

  • Supporting with sensory development
  • Sensory stimulation particularly for individuals with a sensory processing disorder, additional needs, autism or those who have experienced trauma, bereavement or have been diagnosed with dementia
  • Supporting individuals to interact with their environment, developing their five senses, improving balance, movement and spatial orientation, and helping develop visual processing abilities and motor skills including sensory touch
  • Promoting mental and emotional wellbeing and addressing behavioural problems.